About us

A2Y Exports LLP
is a Limited Liability Partnership Firm Conceived by Four Partners. Out of Which Two Partners belong to Pharmaceutical Industry with Huge Experience in dealing with Pharmaceutical products.


Abhinav Gupta (Founder & Partner)

Born into a family of entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, Abhinav has a vast experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Abhinav founded the company at the age of 28 after returning from the United States of America with his MS in Computer Science from Boston University. He also holds a Master of International Business from London, UK. After founding the company, Abhinav left the company for his doctoral studies and now serves as an investor.

Suphala Devi (Co-Founder & Partner)

Suphala Devi has a vast experience in business and has excellent entrepreneurial skills. She is one of the main investors and oversees the overall business.

Deepak Bhatia (Co-Founder & Partner)

is a Diploma holder in Pharmacy since 1995. He has 23 years of experience in pharmaceutical retail and wholesale business. In addition to this he is involved in the pharmaceutical business in the state of Delhi, U.P., Uttrakhand, Haryana, and Punjab.

Gaurav Pruthi (Partner)

holds a degree in Pharmacy. He has approximately 9 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare business. He takes care of the day to day business activities of A2Y Exports LLP.

Our Vision

With such a long duration of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we are now marketing more than 10 products manufactured by leading Pharmaceutical manufacturingin india including Tirupati lifesciences and Tirupati Medicare Ltd.

Under the Registered Trademarks of our Company A2Y EXPORTS LLP. In a Span of one year we have Twelve products with Registered Trademarks being sold in the market. Our vision is to market the products all over the world especially in the under developed Countries.